orang baik hati

Saturday, March 26, 2011


assalamualaikum happy saturday,,,

-woke up at 6.45 a.m (actually pachi miscalled me to wake me up at 5.57a.m) *tp xsedar,,, =P
-facebooking after subuh prayer
-went to kedai makan near pasar malam at 8 a.m. (together with aizuddin, eman aiman, khai n aqilah)
-at BKU for macbeth dramatization ( im the prompter for act2 ,but the practice was still in act1) so, i was wasting my 3hours there; laughing, playing, commenting to the actors,,,hihihi
-ran out from BKU and went back to my room
-having lunch with eman aiman, my neighbour..
-doing KKP LDS,,huha2 with eman aiman
-watching meet the spartan,,,funny,,,BUT stupid and idiot...18+ only..haha
-dinner at cafe, nasi goleng cina and sky juice,, =P
-9 p.m, BKU again...till now...10.02p.m

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