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Friday, April 15, 2011

language camp in memory~~~

salam...officially,,,our language camp ends yesterday (thursday)  with lots of memories i experienced throughout 4dyas it was held... memg pnat trutamanya semalam...school visit + info hunt..i've to handle year2 students,,,or i prefer to call them year2 kids...it was so exhausted as i as well as my group members sir afiq (leader), sir nazri, sir zuly, sir zafik, sir firdaus, ms.quiyya, ms.jai, ms.intan, ms.faizah, ms.vivien, ms.hanis, ms.damia, ms.jannah, sir ewan, n sir william got to handle them for almost 4hrs...(later, when i bcome a teacher,,i got another 25yrs with kids like them...OMG...) O.o but,,it was really fun as my group, group4 won the snake n ladder game n my kids apikah n haszrinie won the colouring comp...n even though my group's cheer didn't win, but i thought our cheers was the best that day...rather than snake n ladder, we played poisonous box, spelling bee, n also we sang Barney song...i dont know but singing that song with them makes me feel something,,,hurmm,,,dunno la... =P nyway,,,that was my most awesome experience with the kids i ever had!!!~~~ thnx guys n kids!!!

syaher, zuly & quiyya [the fasi]

~ syahril (a bit naughty but brave sometimes... )
~ syah ( shy person n i thought he's the "budak plg baik" in 2Cerdik)
~ fahim ( very naughty & talkative,,, suka tgk time dia nervous nk baling dadu )
~ apikah (the most shy person at first but at the end,,,xmalu lgsg! haha )
~ haszrinie (always smile... =) and follow what we said..) ~good girl~

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